Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development Punjab, Lahore
Training Wing

Training wing of QAED is responsible for execution of trainings at the QAED campus. The core objective is to enhance the quality of learning at all levels of education through training and nurturing the teaching cadre. Trainings enable the participants to: Understand their job description, improve their competencies, learn how to learn, develop confidence, improve communication skills, motivate & change their behavior and enhance efficiency & effectiveness.

These are the trainings programs offered at QAED:

  • Induction Trainings: for Educational Managers, Teachers, Teacher Educators (TEs), District Teacher Educators (DTEs), Recommendees of PPSC (Head Teachers, Senior Head Teachers, Subject Specialists, Senior Subject Specialists).
  • Post Induction Trainings:      
    • School-based CPD Programme: On-the-job training & coaching of Public School Teachers.
    • In-Service Trainings for Professional Development: for Education Managers (EDOs, DEOs, Dy. DEOs, District QAED Heads, Education Officers (ex-Teacher Educators (TEs), Master Trainers/Lead Teacher Educators.
  • Promotion-Linked Trainings (Rules Framed).
  • Early Childhood Training Programs.
  • Training on International School Award.
  • At QAED's Specialised Training Department, our mission is to ignite excellence, innovate education, and elevate educators through a diverse range of transformative training programs. Guided by our core values of Specialised Excellence, Innovation, Education, and Elevation, we are committed to empowering minds and transforming futures. Key Initiatives:
    • English as a Subject for Teachers and Educators Project (2022-2024): Collaborative initiative with the Government of Punjab and the British Council. Online self-access courses on Learning Management System (LMS) benefiting over 140,000 primary school teachers.
    • Connecting Classrooms: Global collaboration and understanding initiative with the British Council. Comprehensive framework integrating international dimensions into classrooms, fostering cultural exchange. International School Award (ISA): Prestigious global accreditation program recognizing schools for incorporating international dimensions. Focus on deep understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within a comprehensive framework. Core Skills Training Program: Dynamic program designed to equip educators with essential tools for effective implementation. Impacting over 175,000 students across 1,700 schools, fostering holistic development.
    • School Leadership Program: Global SDG-based program empowering teachers and school leaders. Specialized training for school teachers, head teachers, and collaborative opportunities with national and international schools.
    • Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE): Transformative initiative in Primary Schools of Punjab, enhancing enrolment and creating child-friendly learning environments. Comprehensive training programs for teachers, head teachers, caregivers, and communities.
    • 21st Century Digital Skills: Innovative training programs by Skills for Technological Development (STD) to integrate technology into education. Focus on digital skills, creating immersive learning environments, and staying updated with emerging technologies.
    • Empowering Professionals Across Departments: Tailored programs for PEIMA, Mines and Mineral Department, Labour Department, and PKLI. Specialized capacity-building to shape bright minds, empower educators, and support health professionals.
    • District QAED Initiatives: Professional Development for Principals & Vice-Principals, STEM Education Promotion, Quranic Education Training, and Capacity Building. Localized efforts to transform education at the district level, empowering leaders and enhancing instructional practices. In the pursuit of excellence, QAED's Specialised Training Department is dedicated to unlocking the true potential of educators, fostering global perspectives, and contributing to the advancement of education at local and global scales. Join us on this transformative journey as we shape a brighter future for educators and students alike.
  • Training Requests from other: Organizations/Provinces e.g. NCHD, Master Trainers Trainings of ICT, FATA, Gilgit Battistan, KPK, AJ & Kashmir, etc