Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development Punjab, Lahore
English as a Subject for Teachers and Educators (EaSTE)

English as a Subject for Teachers and Educators (EaSTE) project is an initiative of the Government of Punjab and the British Council to uplift the English language Skills of Primary School Teachers (PSTs) all across Punjab.

EaSTE aims to improve primary school teachers' learning and teaching skills to teach English in classrooms across Punjab. This training will be deployed at scale on the Training Management System (TMS) developed by PITB. With these online self-access courses, 140,000+ primary school teachers across 32,000+ primary schools will be benefited.

The EaSTE project aims to enhance the English language teaching skills of primary school teachers. Through the collaborative effort of QAED, the British Council, and PITB teachers’ professional development system has been embedded in the existing QAED training system. The EaSTE initiative is cost-effective and convenient for trainees and trainers.

The EaSTE initiative is an endeavor aimed at enhancing the proficiency of primary school teachers. The British Council, QAED, and PITB joint efforts aims to provide an enhanced and seamless learning experience for trainers and trainees. This cost-effective system is dedicated to monitoring and self-evaluating the effectiveness of the project by ensuring that teaching and learning outcomes are improved.

After the successful implementation of EaSTE Module 1 focusing on Oral Communication, we are thrilled to announce EaSTE program is expanding with the launch of Module 2 - Reading and Critical Thinking Skills for the AEOs and PSTs across Punjab.