Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development Punjab, Lahore
Data Centre Wing

Data Base Centre (DBC) at QAED was established in 2006. DBC is an initiative charged with researching and developing in-house database, web and mobile applications. It supports networking protocols and technologies and also technically facilitates the QAED faculty.

Currently, QAED is having 02 Computer Labs to facilitate 60 users at the same time. DBC is equipped with around 5 Servers to perform multiple tasks e.g. internet/ Proxy, Secure File Transfer Protocol, Digital Library and QAED’s Online Portal.

  • to provide technological & centralized platform to QAED Punjab and District QAEDs
  • to provide networking and technical support in QAED Punjab
  • to disseminate library and electronic information resources through QAED’s website
  • to support QAED Staff in terms of hardware and software
  • to equip public school teachers and educational managers with basics of ICT