Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development Punjab, Lahore
Promotion Linked Training

With each new dawn, innovations are being introduced in every walk of life and education occupies the pivotal place. In order to make our education system as a vibrant sector, the Government of Punjab has also resorted to out-of-the-box measures and Promotion Linked Training is one amongst those vital steps. Undoubtedly, the inclusion of PLT in the training system is another highly-prized feather in the richly-decorated crown of QAED, Punjab. A versatile leadership always plays a key role in the progress of any organization. 

To lace our educational managers with time-tested qualities of leadership, a comprehensive plan was initiated which would upgrade the performance of schools to new horizons. It is appropriate to mention here that in SED, the officers of grade 16 and above have the mandate to act as teachers, managers and DDOs. After serving in certain grade for a stipulated length of service, a civil servant is entitled to be promoted in the next grade. Unaware with the art of running an institute smoothly, in the past, they found themselves at the horns of dilemma to carry out their administrative duties. To make them cognizant with their new roles and responsibilities, in 2014, those in the saddle decided to launch a programme of PLT for such officers who don't have a dab hand in administrative affairs.

Training Methodologies

  • Interactive Lectures
  • Panel Discussion
  • Group Work
  • Syndicate Work
  • ICT
  • Case Study
  • Visits
  • Presentations