Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development Punjab, Lahore
Material Development

QAED’s Material Development Wing is mandated with a task to develop support material for professional development of teachers and managers. The wing develops training scheme of studies (curricula) and training materials i.e. teachers’ guides, lesson plans, training manuals / modules and trainers’ guidebooks. It also develops tools for the training assessment in the form of pre, mid and post-training tests. It has a history to provide updated and immaculate materials to the trainers and trainees.

 The Material Development Wing is responsible for:

  • Planning, conducting and analyzing the training needs assessments.
  • Development of on-job training curricula highlighting the aims, objectives and content areas.
  • Establishing the training dynamics i.e. %age of interactive direct input, hands-on experience and activities, group work, and discussions.
  • Designing and development of training and support material in the form of unit plans, lesson plans, modules of concepts and techniques, teaching aids etc.
  • Development of pre, mid, and post-tests according to training scheme of studies.
  • Collecting and analyzing the feedback regarding the usefulness of training and support material.
  • Developing the Early Childhood Education Resource Centers.
  • Developing the instructional videos of Science, English and Mathematics for Primary School Teachers.
  • Selection and purchase of books, journals, magazines etc. for updating the QAED Library.

 Materail Development

Validation of Early Childhood Education

QAED took the lead in bringing quality to its ECE trainings in field. Idea of validation of ECE Master Trainers (MTs) was pioneered by QAED to rank level of MTs to allocate their duties accordingly. Since the start of activity in January 2019, 252 MTs have been validated in three phases. QA, M & E Wing was entrusted the task of validating ECE Master Trainers. QA team performed validation ex"