Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development Punjab, Lahore
About QAED

Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) Punjab is a premium training institute for the professional development of education managers and teachers across the province. It is an attached entity of School Education Department (SED), Government of the Punjab. Dispensation of quality education in the public schools is the avowed aim of QAED. It comprises a team of dedicated, committed and enthusiastic individuals who work tirelessly to groom the educational personnel for the achievement of desired standards of education.

The outreach set-up of QAED at district and cluster levels have put a lion's share with the provincial QAED in enhancing the professional skills of school managers and teachers. This set-up consists of 43 district QAsED and 2000 cluster QAsED. In 22 districts, the provincial QAED has established its regular 29 district QAsED, with attached laboratory schools. In the 14 districts where regular QAsED have not been established, the largest higher secondary school of the incumbent district was allotted the status of district QAED which is being fully facilitated to conduct trainings initiated by QAED, Punjab. The District QAsED Wing looks after the administration and governance of all of the 43 district QAsED.

Moving one step further, the laboratory schools attached with 29 districts QAsED have been upgraded to higher secondary level. To make education a wonderful experience for the learners, the district QAsED have been allocated with latest gadgets e.g. internet service and e-library linked with the provincial QAED where 0.2 million electronic books are at disposal of both the teachers and learners.