Job Profile: Material Development Team


  • Preparation of Tools: Forms, Checklist, Proformas etc.
  • Coordination with Concerned Stakeholders.
  • Planning and Conduction of TNA Workshop.
  • Analysis of Reports Submitted.
  • Final Report Compilation.

Development of Material

  • Identification of Relevant Experts (Public & Private).
  • Preparation of SOPs/Guidelines/Schedule of Activities.
  • Planning and Conduction of Workshop.
  • Development of Template.
  • Collection of Developed Material.
  • Coordination with Developers & Reviewers.
  • Ensuring the Template/Guidelines/SOPs followed.
  • Quality Review of the Material at Initial and Final Stages.
  • Sharing Observations with Developers/Reviewers.

Material Review Meetings

  • Preparation of Guidelines/SOPs/Schedule.
  • Coordination with Experts.
  • Briefing of Guidelines for Review.
  • Ensuring the Changes Suggested by Reviewer are Valid.
  • Incorporation of Changes.
  • Finalization of Draft.
  • Sequencing & Quality Check of Developed Material.
  • Editing and Proof Reading.

Pilot Testing

  • Development of Tools, Schedule & Guidelines.
  • Preparation of Model of Pilot Testing.
  • Coordination with RPM Wing, and experts.
  • Conduction of Pilot Testing in the field.
  • Compilation of Report.

Final Draft

  • Incorporation of Suggested Changes after Pilot Testing.
  • Quality Review (After Designing, Before Printing, Translation etc.).

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  • Area:Wahdat Colony, Wahdat Road
  • City:LAHORE
  • Phone:+92 042 99260108

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