Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

DSD is involved in teacher training since 1959 with different names. In light of previous experience it has been observed that main causes of ineffective teacher trainings are:

  •    Lack of follow up
  •    Lack of onsite support


In order to cater for these needs DSD launched Continuous Professional Development (CPD) frame work in 2007 for twelve (12) districts (1st Phase) in Punjab.

After one and half year DSD launched a research with the help of IER department of University of the Punjab, Lahore. In light to know strengths/weakness of this research several changes in CPD model has been corporate.

In present this model has been implemented in 36 districts of Punjab. Its major components are:

  •    Assessment
  •    Mentoring
  •    Continuous Professional Development
  •    Reporting
  •    Planning
  •    Coordination
  •    Monitoring
  •    Management


CPD also focuses on decentralized approach for follow up and support mechanism.

In order to cover whole Punjab 36 District Training and Support Centers (DTSC) have been established (one in each district).

Under each DTSC on average 60 Cluster Training and Support Centers (CTSC) have been established. One cluster covers approximately 30 schools lying within radius of 16km. At one cluster (1-5) District Teacher Educators (DTEs) are placed depending upon the schools attached with cluster. At DTE has been an allotted 10-15 school for implementation of CPD at cluster level.

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