The core objective is to enhance the quality of learning at all levels of education through training and nurturing the teaching cadre.


Trainings enable the participants to:

  • Understand their Job Description.
  • Improve their competencies.
  • Learn how to learn.
  • Develop confidence.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Motivate and change their behaviour.
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

News and Events

  • PROMOTION LINKED TRAINING; Six (06) Week Promotion linked Man
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  • eLearn.Punjab; eLearn.Punjab is the official repository of di
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  • INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD (ISA) The International School Awa
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  • DECLARATION OF INCOME & ASSETS; As directed by competent auth
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  • PUNJAB ECE POLICY 2017; The 2017 Early Childhood Education (E
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  • ECE VIDEOs; QAED alongwith PLAN Team developed a video docume
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  • Area:Wahdat Colony, Wahdat Road
  • City:LAHORE
  • Phone:+92 042 99260108
  • Email:info@dsd.edu.pk

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