QAED has taken many Initiatives to Improve the Quality of Pre-Service Teacher Education

  • Development of  Separate Wing  for Pre-Service Teacher Education for GCETs in Punjab.
  • ADE Degree leading to B.Ed (Hons) have been launched in 6 GCETs in first and 2nd cohort and  in 14 GCETs in 3rd cohort.
  • Diploma in Physical Education have been introduced as pilot testing in two colleges.
  • Diploma in Arts and Craft is going to be introduced in 3 Colleges as a pilot testing. 
  • Introducing B.Ed (ECE ) is selected GCETs as Pilot Testing. 
  • Introducing B.Ed (Secondary) to produce teachers with specialization in General Science,Physics,chemistry ,Biology and Maths in selected GCETs. 
  • Introduce Pre-Service CPD for capacity building of GCETs Administration and  faculty on set Bench Marks,standards and indicators based on NPSTs and Accreditation standards. 
  • Organized In House training in GCETs. 
  • Reforms in Assessment and Practicum by introducing continuous assessment mechanism and integrated Practicum approach respectively.
  • Training on NPST and Accreditation standards for Administration and management of GCETs.
  • Training to Move from Traditional teaching to Advance Instructional Technology e.g Inquiry, collaborative, PBL, learner centered approaches etc.
  • Training for Administrative Staff of GCETs. 
  • Training to promote Research culture in GCETs. 
  • SLO Based Uniform Academic Calendar for ADE/B.Ed/M.Ed in all GCETs to ensure uniform and  best quality of Pre service Training.
  • PD Day In all GCETs for Continuous Professional Development of GCET faculty and Prospective Teachers.
  • Organization of Co curricular activities at divisional, Regional & Provincial level.
  • Publish of News letters in all GCETs.
  • Enrollment increase in Lab Schools bases on set targets for each GCET.
  • Promotion of ECE and Development of ECE rooms in Lab Schools.
  • On line Maths competition in all GCETS and Lab School.
  • Development of institutional plan of GCETs faculty and lab school for the year 2012-13.
  • Development of two videos of GCETs faculty in a month according to Academic Calendar.
  • Lesson study workshops.


Initiatives for Technology Enhancement:

  • Developed Websites of all GCETs.
  • Computer labs and e-labs with internet connections and access to on Line HEC library.
  • Technology using Skype software have been introduced in all GCET’s and all the GCET are on line with head institution for monitoring and mentoring.
  • Video recordings of all the trainings.
  • GCETs Group formation on Google  for interaction and sharing information.
  • Inter colleges on line link for sharing ideas and Practices.
  • SMS Service for communication and correspondence.
  • Development of Database for all GCETs.


Monitoring Supervision & Ranking of Colleges

  • Rigorous follow up for monthly assigned task through visits,reports and  skype.
  • Ranking of colleges through set Indicators and self assessment.
  • Ranking of GCETs faculty through Principals self, peer and  prospective students  assessment.
  • Ranking of Faculty Lab Schools.

Observation of Academic Activities e.g Assembly, Mentoring in Lab School, Class Room Teaching, In-House Training, Lab School activities on SKYPE.

News and Events

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  • City:LAHORE
  • Phone:+92 042 99260108

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