1. Training Needs Assessments

Material Development Wing carries out the Training Needs Assessments in which there is a systematic collection and analysis of all subjective and objective information necessary to define and validate the training courses.


Process of a Training Needs Assessment

  • Preparation of Tools: Forms, Checklist, Proformas etc.
  • Coordination with Concerned Stakeholders.
  • Planning and Conduction of TNA Workshop / Survey.
  • Analysis of Reports Submitted.
  • Final Report Compilation.


TNAs conducted in 2010-2012

  • TNA for Newly Inducted Subject Specialists.
  • TNA/Pilot Testing of Primary Lesson Plans.
  • TNA for Educational Managers EDO, DEOs, DDEOs.
  • TNA of Primary, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Head Teachers.
  • TNA for Promotion Linked Training.
  • TNA for the Revision of Primary Teachers’ Guides.


2. Material Development

Process of Material Development

  • Needs Assessment and Analysis / special initiative.
  • Selection of Material Developers and Reviewers (from Public and Private sector).
  • Development of TORs for each part of activity e.g. development, review, quality review, proofreading, editing, translation, designing etc.
  • Workshop of Experts for Material Development.
  • 1st Review Workshop of developed Material.
  • Pilot Testing of developed Material.
  • 2nd Review Workshop after Pilot Testing.
  • Internal review by the QAED Material Development Team.
  • Finalization after the inclusion of suggested changes.
  • Technical/Quality Review of the developed Material.
  • Proofreading & Editing of Material.
  • Designing of developed Material.
  • Translations (if required).
  • Uniformity of Urdu & English version(s).
  • Proofreading of designed version before printing.
  • Printing of the developed Material.
  • Feedback from Trainers (TOTs, MTs), Participants of Training Sessions, QA and M&E Wing.

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