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The Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) is rendering valuable and meritorious services in the field of teachers’ training since last 50 years. The institution was established with the name of Education Extension Centre (EEC) in the year 1959. Since its inception it is contributing positively in the progression of quality education in the Province by working as a change agent. The Government has facilitated teacher development by evolving a specific role for the QAED as an organization solely responsible for coordinating and ensuring teacher development in the province.


QAED is striving to develop a pool of capable teachers in public schools of the  province. Capitalizing on a strong institutional base, including 29 elementry colleges for Pre-Service teacher education and an elaborate network district and cluster training and support centers for in-service training.


In the year 2006 Provincial Institute of Teacher Education (PITE) and Government College of Elementary Teachers (GCETs) were also given under the administrative control of QAED. In the year 2009 Punjab Institute of Teacher Education (PITE) and Science Education Centre (SEC) was merged with QAED in order to strengthen the institute as one unit and for a coordinated effort towards attainment of its goals.


In 2012, the scope of work was enhanced from 12 Districts to 24 Districts and in 2012 all 36 Districts were included in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program. Regular Professional Development days are arranged at all 2,100 CTSCs periodically. In 2011, QAED developed comprehensive "Teacher Guides" for Primary School Teachers (PSTs). In the same year all 172,000 (PSTs/ESEs) were provided training. In 2012 diagnostic training of around 28, PSTs were arranged.


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  • City:LAHORE
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