Material Development

By conducting different sorts of needs assessments and through the subsequent development of quality training and support materials, the Material Development Wing ensures effective staff development programmes with the aim to enable the teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills and change their behaviors.

The Material Development Wing also updates the QAED Library to keep the staff developers, trainers and trainees knowledgeable about the latest training and support trends, techniques and issues.


The Material Development Wing is responsible for:

  • Planning, conducting and analyzing the training needs assessments.
  • Development of on-job training curricula highlighting the aims, objectives and content areas.
  • Establishing the training dynamics i.e. %age of interactive direct input, hands-on experience and activities, group work, and discussions.
  • Designing and development of training and support material in the form of unit plans, lesson plans, modules of concepts and techniques, teaching aids etc.
  • Collecting and analyzing the feedback regarding the usefulness of training and support material.
  • Developing the Early Childhood Education Resource Centers.
  • Developing the instructional videos of Science, English and Mathematics for Primary School Teachers.
  • Selection and purchase of books, journals, magazines etc. for updating the QAED Library.

 Materail Development

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