•    Learning corners are ideal work spaces for children.
  •    It encourage children to learn in ways that are natural to them.
  •    It provides for a wide range of abilities and interests.


Competencies of Learning Corners

 1.     Language and Literacy Corner

  •    Library Corner
  •    Listen attentively to stories and rhymes.
  •    Talk about their experiences.
  •    Use increasing vocabulary to express thoughts.
  •    Take part in role-play.
  •    Make up their own stories.
  •    Use and enjoy books.
  •    Know that pictures and words have meaning.
  •    Text is read from left to right and from top to bottom.
  •    Recognize letters of the alphabet by shape and sound.
  •    Write their names with appropriate use of upper and lower case letters. 



2.     Creative Arts

  •    Explore colour, texture and shape.
  •    Respond in a variety of ways to what they see, hear, smell, touch and feel.
  •    Show increasing ability to listen and observe.
  •    Use imagination through art, stories and imaginative play.
  •    Use different media to express and communicate feelings


3.     Basic Mathematical Concepts

  •    Use mathematical language to describe shape,
  •    Position, size or quantity e.g. circle, cube,
  •    Behind, bigger, than, more etc.
  •    Compare, sort, match, order, sequence and count, using everyday objects.
  •    Are familiar with counting games, number rhymes, songs and stories.
  •    Recognize and use numbers through practical activities, begin to solve practical problem.



4.     The World Around Us

  •    Talk about their families and events in their lives.
  •    Talk about where they live.
  •    Explore features of living things natural and manmade objects.
  •    Look closely at similarities, differences and change.
  •    Talk about and record their observations.
  •    Question why things happen and how things work.
  •    Explore and select materials and equipment to use skills such as cutting, joining, folding and building for a variety of purposes.
  •    Make appropriate use of technology.
  •    Health & Safety. 



5.     Personal & Social Development

  •    Have confidence and self respect.
  •    Behave in appropriate ways.
  •    Work well in groups and are willing to take turns.
  •    Treat living things and property with care and concern.
  •    Show a range of feelings such as wonder, joy or sorrow.
  •    Respond to cultural and religious events.
  •    Concentrate and persevere.
  •    Take initiative.
  •    Are able to select an activity or work well independently.
  •    Have personal independence in dressing and  hygiene. 



6.     Health Hygiene and Safety

  •    More confident and imaginative.
  •    Increased control, coordination and an awareness of others.
  •    Use a range of large and small equipment with increasing skill.
  •    Use balancing and climbing apparatus, with increasing skill.
  •    Handle appropriate tools, objects with increasing control.


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