Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(1) - What is Directorate of Staff Development (DSD)?

DSD is an attached department of School Education Department, and an apex training organization for the Professional Development in the province for Public Sector educational personnel.


(2) - What Facilities are available for Trainees?

18 Training Room (fully equipped), Science Labs (Bio, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics fully functional), 04 fully functional ICT Labs (LAN/WAN connected with 85 workstation), Auditorium (fully equipped), 06 Syndicate activity rooms, Curricular Activities (Halls, Sports Ground, In-Door Games Room), Cafeteria with 125 seats, Library, Hostel accommodation of 100 Trainees at a time, Day Care Center.


(3) - Which categories of Training conducted at DSD?

Pre-Service Teacher Education, Induction Training, Post Induction Training (In-Service Training, On-The-Job training & Coaching - CPD Programme), Promotion Linked Training (PLT) (Rules framed), Specialized Training


(4) - What are the duration of Training?

Training of various duration as per the requirement and nature of training, like refresher for 1-2 weeks, Induction Training for 04 weeks, On-the-Job training 2-3 weeks, Promotion Linked Training (PLT) for 4-8 weeks.


(5) - Is there any Training Plan?

YES, we are having yearly training plan which runs from January to December and available on DSD's website (available with flexibility to modify).


(6) - What are the Training Methodologies?

Activity Based Learning, Syndicate Work, Panel Discussion, Study Tours / School Visits, Project Work, Presentations / Communication Skills, Computer Skills.


(7) - Is there any Online Data available?

YES, Online Data is available and accessable to DSD's Staff & Fields' Staff (DTEs, TEs, DTSC Heads).

(8) - I am New Recruited in DSD, how can I add my profile through Online?

Newly Recruited staff may contact Data Base Center for online registration.


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  • Area:Wahdat Colony, Wahdat Road
  • City:LAHORE
  • Phone:+92 042 99260108

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